HOW TO: DIY Statement Necklace

One thing about living in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, is that there is always something going on every week! Be it a new cafe, a comedy show or weekend markets one doesn’t run out of things to do. I normally check out happenings in KL from Time Out KL which is a great guide.

Last week was the Markets at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya which had a vast range of goodies sold there such as homebaked cakes, clothes (even a clothes swap!) to kitschy cool gadgets. I picked up some temporary tattoos (reliving my childhood!), and some jewellery pieces which I wanted to revamp.

Some weeks ago I was at another market in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bangsar and there was this stall selling handmade scarves made by Cambodian women. They were also selling these beautiful ‘handmade’ braided necklaces (strips of cloth from the scarves) with embellishments. Prices? Around RM450 (£90) and going as high as RM650 (£130) which was  fine (although a little steep), noting how unique the necklaces were and that they were handmade.

However upon further inspection, I noticed that the embellishments/pendants attached to the braided necklaces were in fact, bits and pieces from cheap (mass produced) necklaces that are sold on eBay and some I have seen in Platinum Mall (wholesale mall) Bangkok last year. Fully handmade?! I was appalled. The prices of the pieces immediately turned me off. When I asked the lady manning the counter about the necklaces in general noting its uniqueness, she answered, “Oh, we give our in-house designer full freedom on what to design!” Maybe someone ought to tell the designer that ripping off other necklaces, attaching it on a braid made from strips of cloth and then branding it as “handmade” does not justify its ridiculous pricing!

To prove my point that it does not in actual fact cost a lot to “revamp” a necklace to become a statement necklace, I found the exact turquoise necklace (shown below) which was ripped off and put onto the braided necklace (which was then sold for RM450). The market at Jaya One was selling it for RM29. I even saw the same necklace in Platinum Mall (a wholesale mall) in Bangkok last November which was cheaper. Want to know the full cost of revamping this statement necklace below? Less than RM40! And this is with a chunky chain, not braiding from strips of cloth – which in my opinion is not at all that expensive if you choose cheaper cloth.

This DIY tutorial in making a statement necklace is easy and easily done with other necklaces as well:

DIY Statement Necklace What you need:

  • Necklace with a statement pendant (just visit your local markets!)
  • Chain
  • Pliers
  • Jump rings

DIY Statement Necklace

Step #1: Use your pliers to detach the statement pendant from its chain.

DIY Statement Necklace

Step #2: Attach the statement pendant to your desired chain using jumprings. Make sure you hold the necklace up each time to check that both parts flow properly. TIP: Attach the necklaces in a curved manner and not in a straight line!

DIY Statement Necklace

And voila! You’ve got yourself a statement necklace! Remember, don’t say “fully handmade” when it really wasn’t. Just say “revamp”.

DIY Statement Necklace

Go on, go and enjoy your revamped DIY statement necklace! x

Featured: Cut Out + Keep’s ‘DIY The Look: Lucy Liu’

Cut Out + Keep is a massive DIY social site and a fun place where you can share your DIY projects, learn new DIY projects and get inspiration from! I was interviewed for their ‘DIY Fashionista‘ series before which was fun, and so when the kind folks at Cut Out + Keep asked me if I could contribute to one of their series called ‘DIY The Look’, I said of course!

I was given the celebrity Lucy Liu to DIY, so I had full freedom of what she would wear, eat and even drink! The best part is that every single 10 items I chose for her is DIY-able, and each project is found on the Cut Out + Keep site.

I also felt that Lucy Liu would look absolutely chic carrying a 11″ Cambridge Satchel, especially if it has been personalised with gold hardware. My DIY for this is here.

Do click here for the full article!

Featured: Cut Out + Keep's 'DIY The Look: Lucy Liu'

Featured: Cut Out + Keep's 'DIY The Look: Lucy Liu'

Featured: Cut Out + Keep's 'DIY The Look: Lucy Liu'

Featured: Cut Out + Keep's 'DIY The Look: Lucy Liu'

DIY The Look: Lucy Liu

So what do you think about the items I chose for Lucy Liu?


Working as a lawyer doesn’t give me much free time these days, but I am happy to launch my first LIGHTLUXE necklace collection inspired by the vibrantly feathered birds of Birds of Paradise!

Staying true to the spirit of ‘LIGHTLUXE’ (jewellery with a ‘luxe’ look without the heavy weight), in this particular collection rope as a medium allowed me to create pieces that can be worn with formal evening wear or even with just a basic t-shirt. This allowed my carefree spirit (hailing from the coasts of Borneo island), to indulge with a little luxe. Enjoy!

LIGHTLUXE necklace collection by Cinnamon Spring

Handmade LIGHTLUXE necklace collection by Cinnamon Spring

Kindly head over to my little shop for more information/to purchase! x

Fashion Brand To Look Out For: Rita On Street

I didn’t grow up with sisters, only brothers. My brothers naturally did not want to play makeup and fashion with me while we were growing up so I just played by myself. Hence you could imagine the joy when my brother married his wife – I finally had a sister!

My sister-in-law is a true fashionista with her own sense of style. She’s got a great eye for fashion, and her style evolves all the time managing to look so well-put every single time. So when she decided to delve back into fashion (she used to design her own clothes and sell in fashion capital, Bangkok) I was thrilled! She constantly amazes me with each collection, and how wearable they are as well!

The most awesomest part besides seeing her fashion line grow? Surprising me with her designs every so often. Blessed! Thank you so much!

You can find her line on Facebook and Instagram for now. They ship worldwide!

Here are some of her designs that I absolutely love:

"This Devil" crop top by Rita On Street

“This Devil” crop top by Rita on Street

Black & White collection by Rita on Street

L-R: “Silent Night” dress, “This Devil” crop top, “My Message” peplum skirt, “Red Lady” print skirt. All by Rita on Street.

"Silent Night" dress by Rita on Street

Silent Night” dress by Rita on Street

T-Shirt by Rita On Street

Guessed it yet? The brand got its inspiration from singer Rita Ora! These quality shirts with a cheeky Rita were all sold out in size S (600 pieces!), so I settled for a size M – which suited me just fine!

"Just Another Day" dress by Rita On Street

Just Another Day” dress by Rita on Street

Gorgeous print dress from Rita on Street’s first collection! I work in a law firm and the moment I walked in some of my colleagues went “WOW”! It was such a bright burst of colour in a legal firm’s world of classic black and white!

"Emotion & Expectation" crop top and skirt by Rita on Street

Emotion & Expectation” crop top & peplum-hemmed high-waisted skirt by Rita on Street

IMG_7519 "Stay All Night" backless dress by Rita on Street

Stay All Night” backless dress by Rita on Street

A little cheeky peek-a-boo from a modest front! These dresses from the fashion line’s first collection come in a multitude of colours.

Custom made strawberry skirt

My amazing sister surprised me with this custom-made strawberry print flared skirt for my birthday during one of her Australian trips (she lived there a couple of years) – it even came with its own mesh underlining to give the skirt big, big volume. It was so much fun to wear this out!

"About my Baby" backless dress by Rita on Street

About My Baby” backless dress by Rita on Street

Not the best picture, but I haven’t found the occasion to wear this gorgeous dress out yet. It’s bodycon, with a strategic thigh-slit (ala Angelina Jolie), and a little cheeky backless trick!

"Moon River" skirt by Rita on Street

Moon River” maxi skirt by Rita on Street.

The picture doesn’t do it justice but it was beautiful swishy-swaying material!

"My Message" peplum skirt by Rita on Street

My Message” peplum skirt (with a back high slit) by Rita on Street

I wouldn’t be sharing my sister-in-law’s designs if they weren’t fabulous – I love how they fit on my body (petite with native thunder thighs, which I hide well!)!

Check them out either on Facebook and Instagram.

For more enquiries, you can also email them at: 

Want something quicker? Whatsapp them: +66800660096  or Line them: Rita On Street

DIY Revamp: Personalise Your Cambridge Satchel With Hardware

Recently I was in Singapore for the weekend, and chanced upon a shop selling leather goods and luggages. What caught my eye was the “50% off!” sign on all Cambridge Satchel Company bags in-store! My excitement was growing when it burst into delight – I laid my eyes on a beautiful 11″ black batchel (named so because of its top handle)!

The reason why I was so excited was because I have been eyeing the 11″ satchel with a top handle which increases its functionality as a clutch. Best bit was having it off at 50% cheaper too as the store was making way for new stock.

As a fan of personalisation and because gold hardware works amazing against a black canvas, I did a DIY revamp on my satchel! Read below for my pictorial tutorial on how to do so.

What you need:

1. Leather satchel
2. Hole puncher with various hole sizes
3. Gold cone studs (or any studs really)
4. Muscles or a strong man!Steps:

1. Mark where you would like your studs to be.
2. Choose a hole size on your hole puncher. The hole should be big enough for the screw to fit through.
3. Press hard! In my case, I had to get the help of the males to assist me in punching the holes using the hole punchers.
4. Screw the studs into the holes you have just made.
5. I also placed studs on the strap besides the front flap to give an edgier look.


I love how the gold hardware gives my satchel a whole new look – and personalised to me as well.

Try it with yours!

DIY Revamp: Bejewelled Chunky Bracelet

It’s finally the weekend! When you had to go to Court every single day in this particular week, you can’t help but feel relieved at the end of Friday! I have been so busy lately at work that finding my own time to design or even materialise them is an effort…however I don’t stop because this other (non-legal) challenge gives me such satisfaction, provides me another purpose (in life) and DIY-ing is surprisingly therapeutic for me.

A few days ago I revamped a bare gold chunky bracelet into a bejewelled one. No glueing, all you need is some wire! Try it with anything you wish to revamp using my same method:What you need:
- Gold wire (thin enough to fit the holes)
- bare bracelet with openings
- rhinestones/beads
- scissors (to cut the wire)Steps:
1. First, lay out the rhinestones on the bracelet accordingly as a plan. Then place the rhinestones on the side of the bracelet so you don’t forget the sequence.

2. Cut some wire. Start by looping through one of the holes to get a grip. Then thread the wire through the rhinestone’s right holes and make another loop to secure. Switch the wire to the other side like a zig-zag and thread through the rhinestone’s left holes.

3. Repeat step 2 for the rest of the rhinestones! At the end, make more loops to secure. You’re done! :)Rock out in your revamped bejewelled piece! x

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Cinnamon Spring’s LIGHTLUXE collection

Sometimes, I sell some of my own designs as it’s mostly to fund more of my own DIY projects!

My first collection, the LIGHTLUXE collection which I designed for jewellery to have a ‘luxe’ look without the heavy weight of it. I started off with earrings first, and made a collection with 6 pieces. Each piece was named after some of my favourite characters from my younger days: Phoenix, Faerie, Misty, Silky, Elven & Pixie. The collection which started off in the colours of “Hues of Blue” and “Radiant Orchid” (inspired by the Pantone Colour Of The year 2014) sold out completely, especially as it was launched before the Christmas season.

Light Luxe Collection by Cinnamon SpringLightluxe collection in Radiant Orchid

LIGHTLUXE collection earrings in “Hues of Blue” and “Radiant Orchid”. (Sold out in the above colours, but open to customisation in other colours)

After that, I launched a next LIGHTLUXE collection and this time I was inspired by Birds of Paradise, beautiful birds with vibrant coloured feathers and elaborate mating dances:

Lightluxe: Birds of Paradise

Lightluxe: Birds of Paradise retailed at RM35 a pair

After such encouraging response from my family, friends (old and new), I have decided to include necklaces to the LIGHTLUXE repertoire. So  here’s a teaser of my next collection:

Lightluxe by Cinnamon Spring

Stay tuned! :)

Kindly email me at: for more enquiries or  any customisation.