3 Ways To Style A Sweater Cape

A beautiful sweater cape can be styled in so many ways, while making the wearer look elegant. The best part? It helps to hide the extra tummy when you need to stuff yourself with food during the cold weather!

Malaysia doesn’t experience winter, but I’d imagine my wardrobe to be the following if I wanted to save on style and comfort. In the UK I used to wear a parka! Here’s my take on styling a sweater cape (which is worn last on your outfit):


DIY Style

From L-R: Nasty Gal Sweater Cape; Tory Burch Turtleneck & Imitation Suede Pants

For the above look, with a loose cape sweater one would need to accentuate the bottom part by wearing something closer to the skin. A turtleneck sweater is probably one of those winter goods that you’d stay far away from because trust me, it doesn’t suit all sizes! However, this dual-toned turtleneck sweater from Tory Burch looks especially chic with its extended contrast cuffs would look really good under the sweater cape. Luckily, turtleneck sweaters generally look great with a cape sweater. Plus, you’ll feel extra snuggly and warm around the neck and fingers!


DIY Style

From L-R: V-neck sweater; Nasty Gal Sweater Cape; Leather Skirt & Kiera Tall Boots

My only excuse for the above look? Leather skirt. Ohhh yes.


DIY Style

From L-R: Flower Cut Out Midi Dress; Nasty Gal Sweater Cape & Two-Toned Pumps

The cut out flowers on the dress would look super cute under the sweater cape, besides….wearing an all-white ensemble is everything amazing!

As for bags, shoulder bags won’t fit well with a sweater cape due to the constraints. A sling bag or a clutch works best while wearing a sweater cape, and I’ve 4 perfect ones for it:

DIY Style

Clockwise from top left: Cross Body Bag; Satin Clutch; Leather Clutch & Mackage Cross Body Bag

So what do you think about the sweater cape? Yay or Nay?

Weekend Sale: J.Crew, Kate Spade, Madewell & More!

A lot of my readers come from the United States, and so I thought that the following sales would make you super excited! These are weekend sales so better start clicking. Brands such as J. Crew, Madewell, Kate Spade and others are having a limited weekend sale so isn’t it a perfect time to stock up for the upcoming Autumn/Winter?

Here are some of my favourite picks from the brands, with the accompanying discount codes:


J. Crew sales

From L-R: Wool Melton Topcoat; Lambswool Tipped Sweater-Tunic; Merino Wool Asymmetrical Zip Sweater in Colorblock & Shiny Puffer Vest.

The best part is that these sweaters and outerwear come in various colours too! I always love a good variety. Go on, here are the discount codes:


PROMOTION ENDS: 19 October 2014


Madewell sales

From L-R: Tweedweave shiftdress; Slim slouch jeans; Chunky sweater & Scuba Skirt.

Screen Captures5

Clockwise from top left: Ava Heel; Ames Boot; Sylvain Heel &  Keaton Oxford.


PROMOTION ENDS: 20 October 2014


Ann Taylor

From L-R: Faux Leather Cape; Marled Infinity Scarf & Leather Boots

Ann Taylor

 Clockwise from top left: Seaside sunglasses; Leather Wrap Bracelet; Linear Cuff & Sculpted Cuff

Ann Taylor

Clockwise from top left: Kiera Leather Booties; Strappy Leather Heels; Suede Cap Toe Kitten Heels & Leather Ankle Strap Heels


PROMOTION ENDS: 20 October 2014


Land's End

From L-R: Striped Shirt; Calf Hair Venetian Flats & Indigo Scarf



*All photos are from its respective websites.

There are further discounts on other brands, check out with the following discount codes:

  • Shop at Kate Spade with the following 25% discount code: F14FFUS
  • Shop at Forever21 with the  following extra 30% discount code: TAKE30
  • Shop at Saks Fifth Avenue with the following 25% discount code: FRNFAM

Enjoy the discount codes and have fun shopping!

DIY Marni-Inspired Embellished Sandals

So these Marni embellished sandals have been on my DIY list for the longest time ever but I didn’t want to have to buy an uncomfortable pair just to embellish. However last week while I was in Bangkok, Thailand, I found these faux leather strap sandals which were not only cheap but comfortable! Win!

I am now super happy to be able to DIY my own pair! There are so many Marni-inspired embellished sandals tutorials around, with varying designs but here’s mine so do take a read below:

Here’s what you need:

- strapped sandals
– rhinestones in various sizes
– E6000 glue
– skewer stick (for easier applying)

Step #1:

Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area as the vapours are really strong! Dab some glue on the sides of the back of the rhinestone.

Step #2:

Stick the square rhinestone in the middle of the first strap.

Step #3:

Attach the round rhinestones next to the square.

Step #4:

Attach the oval rhinestones next!

Step #5:

Lastly, attach the teardrop rhinestone at the sides of the oval rhinestones. As this is towards the end of the strap, the rhinestones may slide. Do press it down slowly so that it can set for the first few minutes and not move.

Step #6:

Once you are done with one pair, continue with the other pair!

Voila! You have embellished sandals!

Enjoy your Marni-inspired embellished sandals, I know I am!

Review: Habitatt Tattoos

I remember growing up eating these Mamee snack noodles, and sometimes they would come with temporary tattoos in them! Sure they were pretty tacky (mostly the furry blue Mamee Monster eating the said snack noodles) but still pretty fun. Also, temporary tattoos are also the perfect alternative to permanent ones!

I stumbled upon Habitatt Supply Co (local Malaysian brand) temporary tattoos during the Markets @ Jaya One market and were quite hooked on their modern designs so I got a few (Bling Bling, Carpe Diem & Feather). At only RM8 for 3 pieces of each design, these are not only fashionable but affordable as well!

Printed with soy-based ink, it is compliant to the highest safety standards. I decided to try these Habitatt tattoos.

DIY wrap bracelet, DIY rings

I wanted a fun ring party so I started with the diamond tattoos from “Bling Bling“.

Cut the desired shape.

Remove the clear protective top sheet. Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Press the Habitatt firmly onto skin with the design facing downwards.

Wet a tissue/cloth and press firmly against the back of the Habitatt. Make sure it is wet thoroughly.

Wait for 10-15 seconds (this is depending on the size) and slowly peel off the paper backing.

After this, rinse the Habitatt with water for best result on the skin.

DIY Double-Pearl Ring

Slip a ring below the diamond Habitatt, and boy, look at that carat!

These lasted 2 days for me, but was still happy with the result it achieved. I can’t wait to try the other designs from Habitatt!

DIY Collaboration: Statement Necklace

A while ago, fellow DIY blogger Shania of LoveMeyeArt got in touch to collaborate on a DIY project. It was a lot of fun seeing what we both would come up with with one simple piece: chain.

We both decided to DIY statement necklaces using chain, and here’s what we both came up with! For me, I decided on using big pearls and tassels to create my statement necklace. Below you will see Shania’s DIY version of a statement necklace!

Read on, and maybe let me know what sort of other DIY collaborations should be done!

Cinnamon Spring DIY Statement Necklace 

What you need:

  • Gold chunky chain
  • Various sized pearls (I used 10mm and 20mm)
  • Flat end headpins
  • Bead caps
  • Tassels
  • Jumprings
  • Pliers (flat-nose and round-nose)

Step #1:

Slide the flat end headpin through 1 bead cap, and then slip it through the pearl. Using your round-nose pliers, make a loop at the other end and secure.  Attach the jumpring to the loop you have just made as pictured above.

Step #2:

Attach the pearl to the chain (with the help of the jumpring)

Step #3:

Repeat with the other pearls, and attach them on alternate chain links,  for example big pearl-small pearl-big pearl (as pictured above)


Step #4:

Trim the tassels to your liking, I wanted them short!

Step #5:

Attach the jumpring to the tassel

Step #6:

Using the pliers, attach the tassels to the chain in between the small and big pearls.


Voila! You now have a statement chain pearl and tassel necklace!


It is a very simple DIY, so I hope you enjoy making it!


Thanks for reading!

x Cinnamon Spring x


LoveMeyeArt‘s version of a DIY Statement Necklace:

photo 1

Shania’s inspiration was to make this choker chain necklace which is surprisingly easy to make! Here’s what you need:


Step # 1:

Gather all your supplies!



Step #2:

Place your choker around your neck, or if you’re using a larger chain, place it around your neck. Determine how much chain you’ll need for your longest (middle) tassel by measuring the distance from the choker (or larger chain) to about 2 inches below your belly button. My middle tassel is 19 inches.


Step #3:

Separate your chain into individual tassel pieces so that they form a triangular pattern. Each tassel should end about 2 inches before the tassel preceding it. For example, the first (middle tassel) is 19 inches, so the next tassel should be about 17 inches, and the tassel after that  should be about 15 inches, and so forth. In total, you should have a total of 17 tassels; 8 tassels on the left and the right side of the longest tassel.


 Step #4:

Your pattern should look like the above.


Step #5:

Place a jump ring at the end of each tassel, and a bead at the start and end of the tassel pattern (see step 2) and in between each tassel. Placing the beads in between the tassels will help to keep the tassels in place. Next, if you’re using a choker, slide the tassels and the beads onto the choker.

If you’re using a larger chain instead of a choker, place the chain around your neck and determine where the middle link is. Attach your tassels to the chain links by first starting with the middle tassel, which should be connected to the middle link of the chain.

Note: If you use a larger chain rather than a choker, the beads are optional.

Final step for those using a large chain: Place a lobster clasp on one end of the large chain, and a jump ring on the other end of the large chain, and you’re finished! Yayy!


Step #6:

The final step for those using a choker: Place a jump ring (on the choker)  before the first bead and before the last bead to prevent your tassels and beads from sliding around when you’re wearing your choker . Use flat nose pliers to flatten and tighten the jump rings on the choker. If your jump rings aren’t tight enough after they’ve been flattened, you can use glue for reinforcement.


Voila! Finally, you’re done! wohoo! Your choker should look like the above.

 Thanks for reading!

x Shania x

DIY Embellished Gem Sunglasses

Embellished sunglasses have been taking the fashion world by storm for a while now, and I, for one, love a little quirk or funk on my sunglasses! Perfect for summertime, perfect for those living on the equator. This is my second tutorial on embellished sunglasses, you can read the first one here!

Read on my simple tutorial which you can do in less than 15 minutes. This is my own variation, feel free to try your own!

What you need:

- A pair of sunglasses (I bought my mirror sunglasses from Forever 21)
– Various shaped rhinestones (with settings)
– E6000 glue
– toothpick (optional)

Step #1:

Make sure you are in a well ventilated area as you want to avoid inhaling the E6000 fumes! Dab some glue on the back of the rhinestones.

Step #2:

I started with a teadrop rhinestone and stuck it in the middle of the sunglasses. This is to ensure symmetry.

Step #3:

I then dabbed glue on the backs of 2 oval shaped purple rhinestones, and placed it next to the teardrop rhinestone in the middle.

Step #4:

I then filled the gaps with smaller rhinestones.

Step #5:

Then place the small oval rhinestones along the top rim of the sunglasses.

Step #6:

Then to add some pizzaz, I placed two different coloured rhinestones at each end to frame it nicely. Let the glue set for 24 hours and you’re done!

Voila! Rock your embellished sunglasses out x

DIY Lace Trimmed Skirt (no-sew method)

Lace has always been heavily featured on the runways and on the high street. A week ago whilst browsing shops selling tailoring supplies, we came across a variety of lace which was quite exciting!

I bought some crochet lace as it would be sturdier, and I used a no-sew method to revamp/update my jean mini skirt!

It was very simple and easy to update the jean skirt using this really simple no-sew method. Another great thing is that the lace is easily detachable as well! Read on to know more:

What you need:

- Jean skirt
– 1 metre of crochet lace
– Studs with crimps
– scissors
– flat-nose pliers

Step #1:

Lay the lace along the bottom hemline of the skirt.

Step #2:

Here, I used pyramid studs which have crimpers. Pierce the sharp bits through the lace and skirt.

Step #3:

You will see the sharp crimpers on the other side of the skirt like the above!

Step #4:

Either use your fingers or pliers to press the crimpers down to lock it into place.

Step #5:

Continue studding the lace to the back of the skirt!

Step #6:

You have now studded your whole skirt! Check for symmetry, and if it isn’t (as pictured above), undo the studs and redo the lace. In the event that you do not wish to have the lace any more, all you need to do is remove the studs! Simple.

Voila! The lace has been readjusted :)

The view of the skirt from the back.

Loving my revamped lace trimmed skirt! Perfect for your Summer x